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Weekly Gratitude

Fourth of July Edition!

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, recipe from my favorite foodies, Sues and Chels over at We Are Not Martha. Clearly, these were spicy, but I live for Frank’s Hot Sauce so they were a dream with every bite.


Garlic lemon shrimp, recipe courtesy of my mother who said “don’t put anything in this other than butter, garlic, lemon, and shrimp.” Lesson? Always listen to your mother, because this shrimp was a hit.


Johnson Family Potato Salad, recipe also courtesy of my mother. My favorite thing about her potato salad is how light it feels. Not nearly as creamy as what you might find at the supermarket, you might even trick yourself into thinking this is good for you. It’s probably not.


The finished product. I should have taken an after photo of the damage done by myself and my friends. My roommate rounded off our meal with the most amazing gluten free cake, which we topped with whipped creme, strawberries, and blueberries.

We watched the fireworks from our rooftop in Astoria, Queens, which offers a 360 degree view of fireworks being set off throughout the city. From Macy’s to home made explosives (eep!), it was a perfect night.

Happy Fourth of July!

All photos taken with instagram.

Style Scene Exhibit

As an avid reader of LoveBrownSugar, I took her post announcing this event to be a personal invitation for me to attend the Style Scene Exhibit at Bar13. Duh.

I attended with my favorite girls and had one of the best New York City Summer Nights… you know, the ones you look forward to as soon as the summer solstice hits? Yeah. One of those.

Co-hosted by Christina of LoveBrownSugar and Lowefactor, the event was put together by The Victoria Agency. Bar13 provided the drinks and a new company by the name of Stuff Yo’ Mouth provided light bites (those sliders were to die for).

I had hoped for an actual fashion presentation with live models and live fashion, but settled for imagery of each stylist’s work scattered alongside the walls of the roofdeck. Young black New York (including my girl Carolyn of the super hip new brand, Aliomi) was out in full force and the night progressed to the sounds of the city and glasses clinking at the bar.

I left with a cute little giftbag with an issue of Uptown Magazine inside. My girls each left with their very own pair of Stevie Boi shades (straight up Snooki style).

© writing with wine. taken with instagram, nashville filter. 

Summer time in New York City reminds me why I moved here – glad to kick if off with this great party by The Victoria Agency, LoveBrownSugar, and the Lowefactor.

I Love Love…

…I really do.

And to hear about a failed love, or a love gone wrong (they are different) really breaks my heart. In a perfect world (like the one I grew up in, within which I have two parents who are more in love now than ever), I would imagine everyone is in love like the people who live (or work) in the building depicted in this image… so in love they had to shout it from (or write it on) the rooftops.

“Love You” written on a building just below the Mondrian SoHo. I love the effort to spread love.