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My Father is a Renaissance Man

My father is a renaissance man.

This isn’t the norm.¬†When hard times hit (like current recession we’re all still struggling through), many give up. They complain. They find themselves in a downward spiral towards depression and upset.

My father – he reinvents. He adjusts. He’s like a boxer in this nature. He’s nimble. And he survives.

You may say I’m a Daddy’s Girl (and I am, so what), but it’s true. My father is the apple of my eye. I’m lucky to call him family because he’s an inspiration.

When I think things are unbearable, and I want to breakdown, I just remember that my father is a renaissance man.

And I’m proud.

iCovet Friday, v.4

I sort of love this little writing prompt. Though it doesn’t actually result in much writing at.all. #Womp.

Anyway, here are my favorite things this week!

Lazy Random Days Off


After an incredibly busy month of events (my own and volunteering at others), I have finally had a day to just relax. I was able to do normal things like go to the post office, which is always closed by the time I get out of the office. I spent time walking around the city, then walking around Queens. I bought a new wrap dress and tried it on with new shoes. These are the things you can do when there’s no expiration date on your laze. Seriously, one of the best weekdays I’ve had in quite a while.

Karmin Music

Okay, okay, fine. They’re old news by now, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t find them absolutely incredible. Even more important (and what makes this post relevant) is that this duo has just scored a record deal! Love!

Mom & Dad


When things don’t go as planned, it’s hard to get backup and keep trying. I’ve got a really strong support group behind me thanks to Mom and Dad, both of whom have helped keep things moving.

What to see what else I’ve been coveting? Check the iCovet tag.


I Made My Mother Cry Today

… Not because I was awful to her, or delivered horrible news. Not because I asked her to cry, or wished that she would.

I made my mother cry today. Because I cried and then she cried too.

I imagined my father, standing in the nook between their bedroom and the study, perhaps with his arms crossed or his hands in fists. I imagined him thinking about the 4 hour distance between us and how to make it shorter if he needed to. I imagined him softening – looking at my mother, whom he has loved for over 30 years.

I made my mother cry today, because there is a bond between a mother and a daughter that is impossible to explain. It’s the reason why I call her when I find a pair of jeans on sale. It’s the reason why I leave messages at home with just a whistle or a “huh.”

It’s the reason why I call home every single day just to hear her voice.  Just to know what they’ve been up to: “your father and I went to Mexican tonight!” Or what she’s trying to avoid: “I told your father that if we eat Chinese food one more time we’re going to turn into lo mein!”

But most importantly, I made my mother cry today because she can feel my pain and though she shields me from hers, I can feel it (and my father’s) too.

I made my mother cry today. And for me, it’s the one thing I cannot fathom and will always cherish: the unconditional love between a mother, and a daughter… and a father, who stands nearby, waiting to help and trying to figure out how he can ease the struggle. It’s the love I hope to find, and the love I want to share.

I made my mother cry today. Because I cried and then she cried too.

for mommy and daddy, xo.